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Eid al-Fitr: May your prayers heal our land – Vodafone Ghana

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Vodafone Ghana, a telecommunications company has said it is the company’s wish that the 30-day fasting and prayers of Muslims will heal the world of COVID-19.

The company said this in a message to wish Muslims well as they celebrate Eid al-Fitr today, Sunday, 24 May 2020.

“On this auspicious day, we join Muslims across the globe to celebrate Eid Al-Fitr. May your votive sacrifices and prayers culminate in showers of divine blessing and healing for our land. Eid Mubarak!” Vodafone Ghana said in a message.

Eid al-Fitr also called the “Festival of Breaking the Fast”, is a religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide that marks the end of the month-long dawn-to-sunset fasting of Ramadan.

Traditionally, Eid al-Fitr begins at sunset on the night of the first sighting of the crescent moon. If the moon is not observed immediately after the 29th day of the previous lunar month (either because clouds block its view or because the western sky is still too bright when the moon sets), then the holiday is celebrated the following day. Eid al-Fitr is celebrated for one to three days, depending on the country.

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