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Drivers threaten 20% hike in fares from June 8

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Commercial drivers have given the government up to 8 June to reduce fuel prices or they increase their fares by 20%.

The drivers say any attempt to stop them from increasing their fares on the said date if their demand has not been met will lead to a massive demonstration in the country.

According to the True Drivers Union and the National Concerned Drivers Association, their members, in adhering to the social-distancing directives to aid the fight against COVID-19 agreed to cut down the number of passengers in their trotros and taxis.

However, despite this, when fuel prices dropped drastically globally, the government refused to reduce the prices.

The drivers in a statement said they feel neglected by the state because the government provided monetary support to cushion small-scale and medium enterprises but left them out.

“We are giving the government up to June 8 to reduce the fuel prices or we will automatically increase our fares by 20% and any hindrance will cause a massive demonstration by drivers across the country,” the statement said.

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